Saturday Morning Live 14.03.08


Chokwe Lumumba

SML Pan-African and Internationalist analysis of world events, News Magazine Show. Mumia Abu Jamal via #PrisonRadio,  hosted by Norman Otis Richmond, aka Jalali Malinda Francis a.k.a docuvixen and Adrian Worrell.  Diasporic Music via Uhuru News & Radio  Sundays : 2pm-4pm, Black Feminism Live reports,  Amandla: An African Perspective via CHRY and Amandla via CKUT, Black Agenda Report via, Dr. Gerald Horne for the Horne Report, and we go into the Vaults, into Norman Otis Richmond Archives. to contact: Twitter: @LiveSaturday

10am Mumia Abu Jamal via Prison Radio

Black History One (2:01) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Black History Two (re Move) 3:02 by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Black History Three (re Jordan Davis murder) 2:50) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Bringers of Discord (2:45) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

10:15am- Diasporic Music via Uhuru Radio

Norman Otis Richmond intervies  Kali Akuno discusses the life and legacy of the late Jackson, Mississippi Mayor, and human rights and civil rights attorney Chokwe Lumumba. Detroit, Michigan-born Lumumba joined the ancestors on February 25th, 2014. Akuno is an organizer with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and former Co-Director of the US Human Rights Network. He is presently the Coordinator for Special Projects and External Funding for Mayor Chokwe Lumumba in Jackson, MS.

11am Amandla: An African Perspective via (CHRY) ~ Sundays (noon-1pm)

African Perspectives is a weekly news radio program that airs every Sunday from noon to 1pm on CHRY 105.5fm (or Channel tumblr_static_africanperspectiveslogo945 on Rogers or streaming at, community radio. The show aims to bring an alternative, progressive and Pan-Africanist perspective on the African Continent.Continuing the Discussion on African Migrants in Israel

We continue our discussion about the plight of African migrants in Israel.  We spoke with Aaron who helped organize a recent protest with the Eritrean diaspora in Canada and No One Is Illegal, around the recent anti-infiltration law passed by the Israeli government.  This repressive law requires the mandatory imprisonment of Eritrean and African migrants in Israel.

11:30am Abayomi Azikiwe Editor of the Pan African News Wire 

The Pan-African News Wire is an international electronic press service designed to foster intelligent discussion on the affairs of African people throughout the continent and the world. The press agency was founded in January of 1998 and has published thousands of articles and dispatches in newspapers, magazines, journals, research reports, blogs and websites throughout the world. The PANW represents the only daily international news source on pan-african and global affairs.

Topics: International Women’s Day in Detroit and  Working Class Origins, Ukraine, Venuzuela. 

12pm – Special Guest El Jones, International Women’s Day.
Diasporic Music via Uhuru Radio

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