Saturday Morning Live 14.03.01


Norman Otis Richmond Richmond interviews Motion, a Toronto based emcee/poet and playwright.

SML  Pan-African and Internationalist analysis of world events, News Magazine Show. Mumia Abu Jamal via #PrisonRadio,  hosted by Norman Otis Richmond, aka Jalali Malinda Francis a.k.a docuvixen and Adrian Worrell.  Diasporic Music via Uhuru News & Radio  Sundays : 2pm-4pm, Black Feminism Live reports,  Amandla: An African Perspective via CHRY and Amandla via CKUT, Black Agenda Report via, Dr. Gerald Horne for the Horne Report, and we go into the Vaults, into Norman Otis Richmond Archives. to contact: Twitter: @LiveSaturday

10am Mumia Abu Jamal via Prison Radio

“For Lynne” (1:29) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

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On Reconstruction (Lecture) 2-11-2014 (6:37) by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Olympics of Fear (2:20) Mumia Abu-Jamal

North Carolina Burning (2:12) re Moral Mondays by Mumia Abu-Jamal

10:15am- Diasporic Music via Uhuru Radio

Norman Otis Richmond  Richmond interviews Motion, a Toronto based emcee/poet and playwright. Her award-winning play Aneemah’s Spot was featured at Summerworks, and appears in the TD Then & Now Festival in 2014. Her poetry is published in her two collections – Motion in Poetry and 40 Dayz (Women’s Press)- and has been recently featured in Give Voice (Playwrights Canada), The Great Black North (Frontenac), and In the Black: New African Canadian Literature (Insomniac)

11am Amandla: An African Perspective via (CHRY) ~ Sundays (noon-1pm) African Perspectives is a weekly news radio program that airs every Sunday from noon to 1pm on CHRY 105.5fm (or Channel 945 on Rogers or streaming at, community radio. The show aims to bring an alternative, progressive and Pan-Africanist perspective on the African Continent.

Looking into the life of Amilcar Cabral

40 years after his assassination by the former PIDE portuguese colonial power secret service in conjunction with other local and international fortumblr_static_africanperspectiveslogoces, Amilcar Cabral is still seen as one of the most brillant revolutionaries of the 20th century.
Ameth LO is discussing his legacy with Bill Fletcher (co-editor of a recently published book called “Claim no Easy Victory — The legacy of Cabral) and Richard Loban who is a contributor in that book and who happen to have travelled accross Guinee Bissau with PAIGC guerilla fihghters couple of week after the assassination of Cabral.

11:30am Horne Report with Dr.Gerald Horne

Topics: Dr.Gerald Horne Book Tour, Ukraine, Chokwe Lumumba, Venezuela.


12pm – Into the Vaults
Check out this 1987 edition of Saturday Morning Live
We go into the vaults and bring you the voices of the late Milton Blake, Dan Hill and others. This was a meeting organized by The Biko-Rodney-Malcolm Coaltion (BRMC). There is also a great commentary about Marcus Garvey from Blake. Also, Blake is talking about Fela’s first visit to Toronto in 1987.

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