Saturday Morning Live – January 25th. 2014 (Into the Archives


SML Pan-African and Internationalist analysis of world events, News Magazine Show. Mumia Abu Jamal via #PrisonRadio,  hosted by Norman Otis Richmond, aka Jalali Malinda Francis a.k.a docuvixen and Adrian Worrell.  Diasporic Music via Uhuru News & Radio  Sundays : 2pm-4pm, Black Feminism Live reports,  Amandla: An African Perspective via CHRY and Amandla via CKUT, Black Agenda Report via, Dr. Gerald Horne for the Horne Report, and we go into the Vaults, into Norman Otis Richmond Archives. to contact: Twitter: @LiveSaturday

10am Mumia Abu Jamal via Prison Radio

“Martin, Women & The Movement” (14:49) Please check out a week long forum on for MLK week on Mumia & Mass Incarceration featuring Mumia, Angela Davis and others on among other issues, the growing number of black women in prisons. Check out Mumia’s excellent piece on Women, Movement, & Radical King. …

 Martin’s Song (2:47) 

Obama’s Surveillance State (3:10)

Water Pipes Burst  SCI Mahonoy reporting (2:38)

10:30am –  Diasporic Music Via Uhuru Radio

The Real Sun speaks about her new CD launch on Friday, January 31, 2014.

Launching “HORIZON” CD and “Walk Away” Music VideoDoors @ 8:30pm – Show @ 9pm
Tickets: $20 in advance $25 at the doorThe Real Sun will perform the full album for the first time LIVE with her amazing Band (featuring Ruben “Beny” Esguerra on percussion, Heavy Steve on Bass, and The Real Sun on Guitar, Piano, and vocals)She will also screen for the first time the music video for her single “Walk Away” created by RAW ENT. and Kingstylez ProductionsThe Live Show will also feature special guests
Eduardo J. Ramon
Halima Victorious
Isiah Lea
Nathan Baya
Steven Rafael Gomez Salguero
Ruben Esguerra
Stevie Gee
Omar SanchezTHE REAL SUN FB PAGE: @suntherealsun and #27DaysOfHealing in the days leading up to the event!The #27DaysOfHealing BLOG can be found at:

11am Amandla: An African Perspective via (CHRY) ~ Sundays (noon-1pm)


African Perspectives is a weekly news radio program that airs every Sunday from noon to 1pm on CHRY 105.5fm (or Channel 945 on Rogers or streaming at, community radio. The show aims to bring an alternative, progressive and Pan-Africanist perspective on the African Continent.

11:30am Black Agenda Report  


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

If you think Dr. Martin Luther King would have mellowed with age, you haven’t been keeping track of the “triple evils” that he warned about. “The United States clearly leads the world in all three of Dr. King’s categories of evil.”

IFCO Tax Exemption Imperiled

The IRS is threatening to revoke the tax-exempt status of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, IFCO, the venerable anti-poverty and human rights group. The government is investigating IFCO’s aid to Palestinians in Gaza and its assistance to U.S. students that want to avail themselves of medical scholarships in Cuba. The web site of the pro-Israel Investigative Project on Terrorism accuses IFCO of links to Hamas. “To have the IRS utilize a blog to come after a 47-year old, faith-based, non-profit organization run by people of color since its inception, is an outrage and an insult,” said IFCO co-director Gail Walker.

Health Disparities Rooted in Racist Legacy

Racial income and wealth gaps lead to racial health disparities, said Brian Miller, executive director of United for a Fair Economy, UFE. “Vast economic disparities are still with us, and these disparities, coupled with racial segregation, create a toxic soup that is brewing up health problems and shortening people’s lives,” said Biller, at a press conference to debut UFE’s 2014 State of the Dream Report, “Healthcare for Whom? Enduring Racial Disparities.”

War on Poverty was Great Success

The War on Poverty accomplished many of its goals, according to Annelise Orleck, professor of history at Dartmouth University and co-editor of The War on Poverty: A Grassroots History, 1964 – 1980. President Lyndon Johnson’s community action programs made enemies. “It shook things up when poor people demanded representation in school boards and housing boards and welfare boards,” said Orleck. The War on Poverty was attacked “not because it failed, but because it succeeded.”

12:00pm Into The Vaults 

Check out this 1987 edition of Saturday Morning Live with the VOICE Milton Blake.
First show of Into the Vaults.
Check out this 1987 edition of Saturday Morning Live
We go into the vaults and bring you the voices of the late Milton Blake, Dan Hill and others. This was a meeting organized by The Biko-Rodney-Malcolm Coaltion (BRMC). There is also a great commentary about Marcus Garvey from Blake. Also, Blake is talking about Fela’s first visit to Toronto in 1987.




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