Saturday Morning Live 13.07.27


Etienne Charles

SML Pan-African and Internationalist analysis of world events, News Magazine Show.

mumiaabuljamalMumia Abu-Jamal, Norman Otis Richmond, aka Jalali and Adrian Worrell, Malinda Francis a.k.a docuvixen, Black Feminism Live reports, Amandla (GRILA crew), Omme Salma CHRY Correspondent interviews Dr. Gerald Horne for the Horne Report, and every week a special guest, radio documentary or radio report.

10am Mumia and Music (via Jalali) 

Reports by Mumia Abu JamaVia

Henry Alleg (1921-2013) The audio message of MUMIA will be broadcast the funeral of Henry ALLEG during the tribute ceremony which will be him made ​​in presence of a large gathering activists and personalities from around the world.

Flight from Babylon (1:47)

The Verdict (Trayvon Martin) (2:09)

Beyond Treyvon: When the personal Ain’t Political (2:24)

Rapper in Chief (2:24) Longer Version

Interview With Innocence Mumia Abu-Jamal Interviews Lorenzo Cat Johnson (3:46)

Mumia and Music (via Jalali) 

11am Amandla via CKUT

Looking back at Land Reform in Zimbabwe

What happened to land reform in Zimbabwe? CKUT collaborator Rosemary Walley talks to Gertrude Hambira from the General Agricultural Workers Union of Zimbabwe, now living in Winnipeg, about the situation of land reform, farmworkers and agriculture under Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF.

11:30am Horne Report with Dr.Gerald Horne 

Norman Otis Richmond (a.k.a Jalali)  interviews Dr. Gerald Horne. Horne report is weekly political and historical analysis from Dr.Gerald Horne, you can listen to him weekly at 11:30am on Saturday Morning Live streams on Radio Regent

Topics: Elections in Zimbabwe, Movement of Economic Independence in Southern Africa, Egypt complexity, Elections in Mali, Libya to Mali, Islamists to the UN, Internal Displacement in Mali, French Colonialism in Mali, China’s role in Asia and ongoing conflicts in the region, Delusion of the defeat of Socialism, Edward Snowden, Russia, Crackdown of Mafia in Italy, Why is there only of Black People, Melanesian forgotten African Black People, Baseball.

Horne Report


12:00pm Special Guest Interviews, Radio Reports or Radio Documentaries.

Etienne Charles

“..Etienne Charles exhibits both an authentic preservation of the music of his native culture of Trinidad as a composer and bandleader, while broadening our scope of understanding through the collaborative sound of American jazz as it meets new colors, new textures, and new motifs across the world. It will certainly bring more of our public into the jazz audience” – Marcus Roberts

“An amazing Trumpet player, and Steel Drum player, and Cuatro player…young Trinidadian who has held onto his heritage” – Monty Alexander

“A daring improviser, Charles also delivers with heart-wrenching lyricism” – Jazz Times

“…had strength and a clear, almost classical sense of thematic organization.” – New York Times


sm_back-coverlowrez sm_ecfolklore3lowerrez

Special Guest- Etienne Charles
He will be at Daniels Spectrum on August 4th, 2013.
for Ticktet click: here

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